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show: 宋雨川 publish time: 2024-01-01 screen shot
Awei's foster sister Xiaotian made an appointment to spend New Year's Eve with her boyfriend. She wants to stay at her brother's house tonight. A Wei hadn't seen Xiao Tian for a long time and found that Xiao Tian had not only grown up but also become very beautiful. Unfortunately, he still had feelings for someone. Xiao Tian left for the meeting early because she wanted to surprise her boyfriend. Ah Wei, who was single and sleeping at home, was thinking about his sister. Slowly falling asleep, I didn’t expect my sister to suddenly return home. She was drunk and crying and complained to Ah Wei about being cuckolded by her boyfriend. I saw my boyfriend sleeping with another woman, and in order to get revenge on my boyfriend Xiaotian, I asked Ah Wei to have sex with her...
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