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show: 周甯 publish time: 2023-09-28 screen shot
One day, Xiaomei tried her first escorted date on the street. Because her partner was quite handsome in the photos on the Internet, she decided to Coupled with the dilemma of lack of money at home, Xiaomei decided to give it a try. I didn’t expect that the handsome guy in the photo when we met was actually a fat guy. Xiaomei, who didn't want her first time to be taken away by Fat House, got into an entanglement with Fat House. At this time, Xiaoshuai immediately stepped forward to stop him. After understanding the situation, he Xiaoshuai not only borrowed money to help Xiaomei get through the difficulties, but also became Xiaomei's personal tutor... Three years later, on Teacher's Day, Xiaomei decided to give a gift to repay her teacher. Unexpectedly, the box contained...
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