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show: 黎兒 publish time: 2023-01-29 screen shot
The family was full of joy during the Chinese New Year, but my younger sister, who was studying at a local university, couldn't make it to the New Year's Eve dinner because she was working part-time, so she didn't go home until almost late at night. The uncle is the little sister's stepfather. He has taken the role of father and taken good care of the little sister since middle school. On the contrary, the mother has always been a strict mother and has high requirements for the discipline of her children. Tonight, my little sister didn’t come back in time for the New Year’s Eve dinner. My mother was very angry. She kept blaming her as soon as she walked in. The little sister felt aggrieved and cried until late at night. Only her uncle’s tenderness could save her. Their love spread on this little New Year’s Eve. ...
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