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show: 林思妤 publish time: 2022-10-19 screen shot
The girl enters the small SM classroom and meets a boy wearing a mask. He briefly tells you the rules and then starts to fill in the items he wants to be served. As soon as he entered, he was put on a blindfold, then sat in a seat, and then asked him to introduce himself. He said that he actually tried it with his ex-boyfriend at first, but fell in love with this restrained feeling, and he could not forget it until after the breakup. This kind of feeling, he can only climax when he is tied up again. After being tied up, I began to pinch his nipples and use nipple clamps, and after the SP, I would gently touch his red butt. Then, while tied up, I used a vibrator to force him to orgasm several times, until I finally used my cock. Scout well.
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