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show: 玖玖 publish time: 2022-09-29 screen shot
Xiaojuan returned home after a night out and continued drinking with his friends. After everyone was drunk, he secretly swallowed a magic pill that his friend sold him. The effect of the medicine was to allow him to temporarily travel to a different dimension. He was in the same place. , but there won't be anyone there, so he can't see everyone. After he took the medicine, he felt very comfortable. Then he went in again, took off all his clothes, and masturbated with a vibrator in the living room. What the heroine doesn't know is that the effect of the medicine is simply "he can't see everyone", but everyone can see him. The college students were already drunk. When they saw the heroine walking in and masturbating and living in her own world, they were very confused and wanted to play with her. The heroine couldn't see the people around her, but she suddenly felt her body being touched. After everyone played for a round, the heroine's drug effect wore off, and she could see everyone, and then she suddenly realized the effect of the pill. Evolution ChengduoP party.
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