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show: 溫芮欣 publish time: 2022-09-19 screen shot
The sex toy store that the male protagonist often visits has launched a service that combines sex dolls with virtual reality. That is, in a secret room in the store, you can put on VR glasses and fuck the object of your sexual fantasies while facing the sex doll in reality. Masturbation allows users to achieve unimaginable immersive pleasure. However, what the customer didn't know was that all this was a scam carefully planned by the boss. He thought that what was actually being fucked was a sex doll, but in fact it was the clerk who was moaning and was afraid that the customer would hear him moaning. He looked reluctant. , and have to obey the boss’s instructions. This kind of VR combined with the pleasure of using a real human toilet makes the male protagonist who is a guest become a customer...
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