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show: 王以欣 publish time: 2022-09-13 screen shot
My younger brother is a super scumbag. She spends all day and night with many mistresses. When I went to my younger brother’s house that day, I saw my younger brother’s girlfriend crying alone at home. I knew my younger brother was out having sex again, so I comforted my younger brother’s girlfriend, and then I thought He came up with an idea to pretend to have sex on the phone and trick his brother into coming back, proving that his brother still cares about his girlfriend. After the call was made, the two pretended to make love sounds, but the younger brother ignored it completely and was immediately exposed. In order to better integrate into the situation, we tricked her into coming back but couldn't help but have sex with him. Finally, we decided to snatch her over and become my girlfriend, right away. I called my brother again and asked her to listen to the sound of his girlfriend being fucked by me. This time he thought we were lying to him, so he made sarcastic remarks. Little did he know that my brother’s girlfriend was so excited by my cock that she was incoherent. It didn’t matter whether we broke up or not. .
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