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show: 沈娜娜 publish time: 2021-12-19 screen shot
Xiaohong is a high school student with a lot of academic pressure, but she loves to play and is not too young. On Christmas Eve, because of her poor grades, her mother forced her to go to her cousin Acheng's house for math tutoring. Xiaohong was rebellious and scolded Acheng when she wanted to go out to play. It was the stinky housekeeper. The irritated Cheng thought that his friend A-yin had given him an app that would make him enter a psychedelic world. He wanted to use it to tease Xiaohong. As a result, Xiaohong became infatuated as soon as he saw the screen on the phone. Shun, let Cheng play with Xiaohong's body. How will Xiaohong cooperate with Cheng?
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